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When you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal, having the right equipment is key in creating your culinary delights. One kitchen tool that is vitally important for just about any meal preparation is a knife. Now, all knives are not created equal, so it's imperative that you keep a variety on hand to use depending on what you plan on preparing.
It's perhaps the number one reason cooking might seem like more of a chore than it really is. Unfortunately, the culprit lurks in almost every home kitchen. And there's a simple solution to address this unnecessary domestic challenge.
Beef and vegetable stew earned its place as an essential classic in the home kitchen a long time ago. One bite from a piping hot bowl of the famed stew and it's easy to see why it's become standard fare in so many homes.
Ever wonder how chefs turn out those fancy pinwheels and stuffed pockets of meat? A chef will tell you it's essential to buy a high-quality (high carbon content) knife, and to keep it sharpened in order to cook with excellence. On average, you should sharpen the blade at least every 30 uses. Depending on how often you cook, this can be between once a week and once a month.
Festively displayed hors-d'oeuvre are more appetizing than ones that are dumped on to dinner plates. For your next holiday buffet jazz up your table with some crafty cut fruits and vegetables. Adults and kids will eat more healthy fare if it is beautifully displayed.
Having salad with dinner or lunch doesn't have to mean serving a ho-hum bowl full of torn lettuce and whatever vegetables you happen to have on hand. Case in point: this Persian Shirazi salad, a colorful, visually stunning chopped salad that's a veritable showcase for your knife skills.
Legend has it that the classic chopped salad was invented by chef Jean Leon at La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1956. The original La Scala salad included salami, iceberg lettuce, and julienned cheese. But, the story goes, customers found it difficult to eat. Chef Leon remedied the situation by chopping the ingredients into similar sized pieces for added forkability.
Let's face it, pretty much everyone in the world is going to end up cooking in the presence of kids at some point in their life. Whether it's your own kids, the kids of friends, the kids of your siblings or just some random kids that you run into at a party, you've all done it. Well, maybe not all of you, but let's just say it's the large majority of the population.
The trick is to carve out some time in your schedule to prepare healthy snacks that can travel with you wherever life may take you. The following snack ideas are healthful, delicious and easy to prepare!
The most important tool in meal preparation is the knife. Keeping those knives sharp makes cutting easier, faster, and safer, also ensuring that cooks can improve meal presentation.
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